No Signs of Change After Fraxel Laser

Is it common to experience corneal abrasions from the "metal shields" that are placed over eyes during the procedure, aggressive breakouts, and significant pain with no results?

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Fraxel re:pair is more painful than Fraxel re:store

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These issues need to be addressed with your treating physician. Fraxel re:pair is a more painful procedure than the Fraxel re:store(SR1500) because the CO2 laser actually vaporizes tissue. It helps to have a strong numbing gel applied for 60-75 minutes. A local anesthetic nerve block is used in about 1/2 patients. The local nerve block makes the procedure much more comfortable.

For my patients who "do not want to feel a thing" we offer a trip to the out patient surgicenter for a brief IV sedation. Corneal abrasions are a risk when the upper eyelids are being treated with the Fraxel re:pair, but they should be extremely rare with proper lubrication and smooth corneal protectors. It sounds like you have had a history of acne scarring.

It is not uncommon to have a flare up breakout, particularly around the chin area after a Fraxel treatment. You should continue treatment with your top NYC doc, as your doc will want you to have the best results possible. In some patients further treatment is required, although I would advise nerve blocks if you have Fraxel re:pair again. If that is "not going to happen", then a series of Fraxel re:store treatments should be helpful.

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