No Results and Still Swelling After Smart Lipo

I visited my doctor this past Saturday for my 6wk check up (its actually been 7wks since my Smart Lipo with Tumescent Lipo for abs, chin, love handles, bra roll, and fat pads). The staff took my measurements and photos and told me they needed to consult with the doctor. They came back in and told me I still have a lot of swelling. Then we looked at the before and after pictures and there is no change, my chin actually looks worse. Is this common?

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It is difficult to know whether what you have is common or not

Without photos, it is a little tricky to say for sure whether or not you are having the "usual" amount of swelling.

We do know that swelling can persist for up to 6 months after liposuction.

I'd see what your doctor has to say. If you went to an experienced plastic surgeon, you should get a reliable assessment of what to expect.

Good luck!

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