Face right now is very red. How do I lighten it?

how do you get rid of the redness from from glycolic peel using 70 percent? is baking soda/water mix a good to use also after doing a peel? i'm not doing my entire face. i'm doing a razor blade scar on my face..right now it's very red. how do i lighten it? thank you

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Face right now is very red. How do I lighten it?

Thanks for your query. Just wait for some time, the redness will settle down, just moisturize your skin well. Hope it help

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Time and gentle lasers.

You do need time. Gentle lasers and sun protection can help. IMO anything beyond 20% -30% for trained at home peels can be dangerous. Redness can take a few months to subside. All the best, Dr Davin Lim

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