Is it usually necessary to do a tummy tuck just because someone is 40?

I am have a bbl done in May 2015 When searching for. A doctor I've been to 3 consults in person and 2 online all saying I have great skin in fact 2 said I may not even have as much fat for my expectations I'm only 5ft 130 lbs but athletic looking, without mentioning what Dr one Dr said I may wanna think about a tummy tuck, I am devastated now ... That was not my plan ... even though the other 5 never mentioned that! Is it necessary to have TT due to ones age?

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Age is not a reason to or not to do a certain procedure.  Each individual patient is different.   A tummy tuck is used for when there is excess skin (at whatever age).  If you have had 5 consistent opinions then it sounds like that is much more the consensus for you.  Don't be devastated.  Go with the surgeon that you trust the most & have the best rapport with, & even go back to that surgeon & discuss your concerns & conflicting advice.  All the best

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Your age is not a reason for a BCPS to recommend a tummy tuck. That decision  should be based upon muscle and skin laxity found during a physical examination. Be careful with your choice. 


Dr. Burnett

Is it usually necessary to do a tummy tuck just because someone is 40?

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No, a tummy tuck is only necessary if you have excess skin and fat and rectus diastasis (usually due to pregnancy). If you only have excess fat in your abdomen, then you'd be a great candidate for liposuction along with a bbl. Just remember that every surgeon may have a different opinion. It's your job to find a board certified plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with and trust so ask lots of questions and make sure he or she takes the time to properly examine and evaluate you. Good luck!

Tummy tuck not due to age

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A tummy tuck is a completely elective procedure and not one that is determined by age.  Good candidates for tummy tucks are those with a separation of abdominal muscles as well as excess abdominal skin and fat who wish for a more contoured abdomen.  Do not feel you need to alternate your surgical plan for a procedure that you are not interested in.

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A TT in never "necessary", and many go through life with a great appearing abdomen well past age 40. Without photos, it isn't possible to make specific comments with regards to your experience. I can say that if you see enought surgeons you are bound to get differing suggestions. 

All the best. 

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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