2.5 weeks post op of Tummy Tuck w/ Lipo of flanks. My sides are hard and super tender. One side is flatter. Is this normal?

Is this normal. My ps keeps reminding me I'm very  early op but I'm still really anxious and scAred about these uneven sides!!! 

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Your board certified plastic surgeon is correct, it is still very early.

Your plastic surgeon is correct, it is still very early. Firmness is a normal part of the recovery process after liposuction and it will soften over the next few weeks.The uneven sides are likely to improve as well, as differences in swelling subside. Continue to see your board certified plastic surgeon as you heal and recover so they can continue to monitor and evaluate these areas. Healing and resolution of swelling takes time after liposuction.

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Unevenness after surgery

Hi. Its normal to be swollen tender and uneven after surgery.  This can last for several weeks. Be sure to communicate any concerns with your PS.  good luck   Doctor Bev

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