Will Smart Lipo help my arms or arm lift? Do I have enough fat for a BBL? Can fat be taken from thighs? I want a TT (Photo)

Will smart Lipo help my arms or a armlift? And do I have enough fat for a bbl?if not can fat be taken from thighs? I also want a Tt will Tt help with stretch marks?

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Need lifts

Liposuction/Smartlipo won't give you the tightness needed to help your arms look good. You need an arm lift with the liposuction of the arms. In addition, I would recommend you have a tummy tuck too, as you suggested. Good luck.

Grapevine OB/GYN
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So you want to fix your big saggy arms and BBL

A large volume BBL requires a large volume of fat. Although you have a large amount of fat that can be harvest from your arms, it might not be enough. If you decide to do this, however, you will need to do an arm lift at the same time (brachioplasty) because of the excess loose skin. To get more fat you should consider lipo of the back and sides at the same time. You also have a dark scar on the upper right abdominal area and might be prone to develop a scar of similar color with an arm lift. You need to consider this possibility as the brachioplasty scars will be visible in short sleeve clothing.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
Jersey City OB/GYN
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Smart lipo and Brazilian Buttock Lift

Ok, you have asked several things., Let's start with your arms. It looks like you have enough extra skin to have a much better result with a brachioplasty. Certainly smart liposuction could be done, but you will have some extra skin that won't respond as well and either hang or leave you with irregularities and or wrinkles. So I would combine both liposuction and a brachioplsty for the best result. Regarding a BBL, you could harvest fat from your abdomen hips, lower back and then augment your buttocks to give you a better shape and volume. I usually will not perform a tummy tuck at the same time as a BBL for safety and post op comfort- too many areas that are sore at the same time. After a few months, I would then come back for a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck will only remove the stretch marks below the belly button, but it does tend to tighten the remaining ones so they will look less wrinkled.  The lower body work could be done before the arms or possibly at the same time as the BBL. These are great procedures to do and can make a huge difference in your appearance and confidence level, but I would talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about it before beginning the process.

W. John Bull, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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