Sharp pain in right nipple 9 1/2 weeks post op, breast lift with aug. Is this normal?

I had a mommy makeover 9 1/2 weeks ago. Everything is healing well, no complications. I've had 300cc silicone implant under the muscle. I'm doing the daily massages. I've had sensation back in my right nipple since about 2 weeks post op. I still have no sensation in the left nipple. Beginning yesterday, I began to have a sharp almost electric shock like pain around my right nipple. It's not very often and will last about a minute at a time, maybe happening once every 5-6 hours. Is this normal?

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Nipple pain

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Sharp pain after surgery can be normal as long as it goes away, it can be intermittent over a perriod of a few months but gets less over time. If you have any concerns you should contact your surgoen and have them evaluate it.

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Dr Gartner

As nerves returned to function after breast surgery belated pain can sometimes be experienced.

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Which you complain of happens on occasion is a consequence of recovery of sensory nerve function. Nevertheless it something that you should report to your own surgeon.

Sharp pain after breast implants

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Thank you for your breast implant question.
These sharp shooting pains are entirely normal and common - so common that I warn patients about them in advance. They subside as feeling returns to normal.
Be sure to let your surgeon know about them. Best wishes.

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