Post Op Explantation and Lift, After 6mos Have Hard Lumpy Breasts. What is the Treatment for This?

Lumpy breasts 6 mos post op, what's the treatment?

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Lumpy breasts after explantation and lift

I would recommend you see your plastic surgeon or primary care provider to evaluate.  It is possible to have scar tissue that is lumpy - particularly if it is multiple areas on both sides - but first and foremost you need to be sure it is not something more ominous such as breast cancer. 

Lumpy breast after explantation

Lumps can be from many things: remnant of capsule, scar tissue, or breast mass.  You should see your plastic surgeon so that he/she can examine you.  Your plastic surgeon may even recommend radiologic studies if she/he thinks it warrants further work-up.

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