NJ Philadelphia Area - Seking Breast Reduction Fee Range Info (Estimate for Planning Purposes)

I RECOGNIZE THAT ANY RESPONSE IS FOR InFO ONLY AND SUBJeCT TO AN IN PERSON CONSULTATION. I am in central jersey -Philadelphia and NYC are accessible. I have approx 550-600 grams to be removed from each breast. Before continuing down this road, I need to make sure I can do this financially. Although I have insurance, I have been told they will only cover up to a certain amount and I need to get a real sense of my costs. So, regardless of Ins coverage, please share the fee range subject to above

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Breast reduction costs

See an in network doctor. If you find one with whom you are comfortable (and I do not accept the notion that these decisions should be made separate and apart from financial considerations or that in network docs, per se, aren`t well credentialed--I went to Yale Medical School). Your out of pocket would be limited to coinsurance and this may be a very low amount. Also make sure that the anesthesiologist is in network too so you do not get a surprise bill. Best of luck to you. The preauthorization process is daunting enough without having to worry about the financial end of things. Dr K

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Breast reduction Surgery cost

Breast reduction surgeries that I perform are very individualized. I spend a lot of time talking about desired size, shape, cleavage, lateral fullness, superior fullness and techniques. If a patient chooses to not go through insurance (more and more patients are choosing this because of the strict requirements) my range is any where from $6,000 to 12,000. Sorry for such the huge range but it all depends on what need to be done to make the breast look nice. Yes, I want to reduce the breast but I also want to make a pretty breast.

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Breast Reduction

If you are as large as you indicate, then your insurance may cover the surgery minus co-pays and deductibles.  An evaluation, also covered by insurance, will allow the surgeon to give you a more definitive answer.  If however, the surgery is not covered, the total cost including surgeons fees, OR costs and anesthesia runs about $6800.  

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Breast reduction

Each insurance company is a bit different in terms of their coverage and demands for proof of need.  The fee will vary from surgeon to surgeon.  Your cost will vary depending upon what your insurance company will cover. Good luck with your search for a surgeon.

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