Payment options. Is credit card payment possible?

I am considering a breast augmentation which will come to about $6300... I would be willing to put $2500 upfront, but I am looking to finance the remainder. I know care credit is an option, but I'm iffy about it. Do cosmetic surgeons accept credit card payments? Or is that just limited to medical cards like care credit? but

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What are payment option for plastic surgery?

Our office accepts major credit cards as well as payment options through Care Credit and Alphaeon Credit. Cash and personal checks are also accepted.  Many of our patients find a loan through a credit union is a good option as typically the finance charges are less than those for other payment plans. The patient coordinator would be the person with whom to discuss financing in our office.  

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Financial Policies


Each Plastic Surgeon and private practice has their own financial policies. This is completely up to your Plastic Surgeon so you will need to inquire with them about their payment options.

All the best

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Credit cards are OK

The choice of plastic surgeons in taking credit cards and medical expense credits is up to each office. I would think that most busy cosmetic plastic surgeons would take all major credit cards and offer some form of in-house payment plan such as care credit. best of luck with your surgery

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Payment options. Is credit card payment possible?

That would be a question for the surgeons office that you choose. Surely you would be able to pay by whichever way you choose. 

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Credit card payment?

I think you'll find almost all plastic surgeons accept all major credit cards.  We offer care credit in our office because it offers the patient 6 months of 0% financing which isn't usually the case for a regular credit card.  I would just call the office you are planning to book with and ask them the options for payment.  Best wishes!

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Credit Card Payment

Many practices accept several forms of payment to help alleviate finance stress to the patient.  Our practice offers several different credit card payment options outside of Care Credit.

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Breast augmentation

Thank you for your question.

This is something you need to discuss with the office/practice manager but most offices will accept all major credit cards. Best of luck.

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Breast Augmentation - Payment

Thank you for your question.  We accept all major credit cards, offer payment options and financing options (through Alphaeon Credit and Carecredit).    Most surgeons will have convenient payment options available. Best of luck with your research. 

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Your surgeon will have no problem accepting your credit card payment as long as the card is valid. 


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Methods of payment

Thank you for your question! I think you will find that most cosmetic surgery practices accept credit card payments. It would be best to contact the practice you are considering just to verify. A patient coordinator will be able to answer any questions regarding the payment schedule and financing options.  Most practices will require the surgical balance to be paid at least 14 days in advance.  Best of luck! 

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