Fillers Vs. Fat Transfer? How Can I Find a Truly Expert Facial Injector in the NY/NJ Area?

I am trying to put off surgery for a few years. I imagine that board certified Derms and Plastic Surgeons naturally showcase pics of their best jobs. "Reviews" are quite helpful, though usually such great doctors happen to be quite a distance away! Gosh-the West Coast is oh so popular! ALSO, comparing manufactured fillers, is fat grafting much more costly? Is the wait for results long? Can fat transfers diminish with any degree of weight loss? Do the results return with subsequent weight gain?

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Fat transfer is a wonderful procedure..... when done correctly

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Hi Lydia. You have asked many questions above and I will try to answer some of them. I have a tonne of experience with fat transfer and can tell you that in the right type of patient, the results are wonderful and twofold. Firstly, the 'volumizing' of the face returns features to  more youthful dimensions and secondly,  I have seen a significant improvement in skin 'tone and quality' after the fat transfer. The results are fully appreciated by 3-6months after the procedure and they last years. How many years is a subject of debate, but definitely longer than any of the manufactured fillers (which do not provide any benefit to skin quality). Costs very depending on how much and which areas need to be filled. A common remark I hear from my patients after going through the procedure and seeing their results is 'wow, the procedure is not as bad  or as costly as I thought it would be and why don't more people go through with it if the results look like this....'   Let me know if you have more questions. 

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Dear Lydia

Fillers for facial contouring can give you an idea of how the fat grafting will look.  They can be done in the office with little downtime and little discomfort.  They will last over a year depending on the area treated and can be repeated.


Fat grafting is a more permanent result- a little more recovery, but also should be little discomfort. Weight gain and loss can affect the fat volume- usually amounts of more than 10% of your body weight. Fat grafting sometimes needs a little additional fat placed to achieve the desired contour.


The cost for each depend on the areas treated.

With Warm Regards

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