My Tt is Scheduled for Jan 9th. I'm Going on Vaca End of Mar. Will I Be Able to Wear Bikini by then?

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As long as your post operative period is uneventful two and one half months is plenty of time for a full recovery

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After your Tummy Tuck you should be able to wear a bikini by the end of March.

After your Tummy Tuck you should be able to wear a bikini by the end of March.  It is important to remember that your scars will still be going through the maturation process at that time.  In order to have the best long term appearance of your scars after your Tummy Tuck I would recommend that you wear sunscreen of SPF 30+ with frequent reapplication throughout the day.  This includes both the lower abdominal scar as well as the scar around the belly button.  Exposure of maturing scars to the sun will increase the chances of long term hyperpigmentation (darker than normal appearance) of the scar.

David P. Stapenhorst, MD
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Recovery from surgery

It is impossible to predict how your recovery will go, but generally speaking, you should be ready for vacation in that time period.  One thing to note, new scars are very sun sensitive.  Keep sunscreen on your scars at all times, even those covered by clothing, as the sun's rays can penetrate many fabrics.  Good luck!

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Tummy Tuck Recovery

Without seeing you in person or seeing before pictures, it is impossible to give you an accurate answer.  It really depends on the extent of surgery required for your tummy tuck.  However, with 2.5 months of healing, you should be well on your way.


Good Luck.

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My Tt is Scheduled for Jan 9th. I'm Going on Vaca End of Mar. Will I Be Able to Wear Bikini by then?

Depend on your postop evolution, if the operations evolution is good, yes you will, but if you have any complication, you will not. Ask your surgeon. 

Maria Cristina Picon, MD
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Tummy tuck recovery

You should be fine to wear a bikini following tummy tuck surgery. Carefully look at the belly buttons before and after to insure you are comfortable with your surgeons ability to produce a natural looking belly button.

A full abdominoplasty requires the surgical creation of a new belly button. Creating the new belly button, which is called an umbilicoplasty, is a part of tummy tuck surgery that requires a great deal of attention and finesse on the part of the surgeon. My goal is to create a new belly button that, as much as possible, resembles a 'natural' belly button. Natural belly buttons do NOT look like a perfect circle, and circular umbilicoplasty scars are a tummy tuck dead giveaway.

The technique I use for umbilicoplasty is designed to create a slightly 'hooded' appearance to the upper half of the belly button, an appearance that is generally considered fit and athletic. Not all patients have the goal of wearing a two-piece swimsuit, but many do, and I want these patients to be able to do so without feeling self-conscious about the appearance of their new belly button.

Michael Law, MD
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Recovery time after tummy tuck

I normally tell my tummy tuck patients that at 6 weeks post-op they are completely healed and can resume whatever activities they want.  That being said if your healing process is uncomplicated, I think you are good to go.  Remember to wear clothing that covers the incision and use sunscreen on the incision as well.

Tummy tuck and bikini

Usually by two to three months after a tummy tuck a person an get into a bathing suit if things have healed without complications.  The scars will still be immature and most likely red.

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Wearing Bikini 2 to 3 months after Tummy Tuck

   Wearing a bikini 2 to 3 months after a tummy tuck in a case without complications may be possible.  However, realize that the scars will be immature and will improve over a year's period.


Provided all goes well, you should be fine to wear a bikini that long after surgery.Best wishes for your upcoming procedure. 

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