Are my Implants to Wide? (photo)

I had a full lift with 200cc implants 2weeks ago under the muscle with mod + saline smooth round implants and when I lay on my back my implants drift far to the side is this because my ps made my pockets to big?..before surgery I was a 32dd completely deflated very little breast tissue I also have a fold on both breast directly in the middle why is that ?

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Breast Implant Displacement Concerns after Breast Augmentation/Lifting?

Thank you for the question and pictures. I would suggest that you allow for approximately 6 months to pass before evaluating the results of the procedure performed.  If, at that point, you remain concerned about the position of the breast implants, revisionary surgery ( possibly capsulorraphy)  may be helpful to you.  This operation involves closing off the breast implant spaces, thereby preventing the breast implants from moving off to the sides.

 Best wishes.

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Too wide after breast surgery question

The pictures do not give a good view of your body so we can not answer the question. If you were deflated and had breast ptosis then a lift would have been the usual plan plus implants. I would think that if your doctor was a board certified plastic surgeon you would have been given this option. Good luck!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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Please be patient after surgery

Since it is only 2 weeks after your procedure, it is way too early to make any judgements about the results.  You need to wait about 3 months for all the swelling and scarring to settle down before you make any decisions on a revision. What you are observing may just be reaction from the procedure.

David Finkle, MD
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Are my Implants to Wide?

Thank you for your question and for the photos attached. Unfortunately, all are rather out of focus, and it is hard to tell the orientation. The photos should be taken with you standing, arms at your sides. Proper photos will lead to better advice on this website. 

It appears from these photos that you may also have had a breast lift. 

If you were indeed a DD breast size, I would question the need for implants--did you wish to be larger? 

From what I can make from these photos, assuming that you have had a lift, I think the lift may not have been quite enough. If you haven't had one, that might be first priority. I can't tell much on these views about implant position. Normal breast tissue will drift to the side. It may well be that it is your own native breast tissue that falls off to the side.

Please consider posting photo as described, as well a s pre-op if possible. All the best. 


Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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