Lumps after LIPO

I am 2.5 months post op and I am starting to worry. My abdomen is far from smooth. There are irregularities through out it. I've been wearing a garment and massaging daily. Will this get better over time? If not, will revision surgery help? Will a treatment like velashape help? Please advise and thanks in advance!!

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Post Lipo, Lumps On Abdomen - How Do I Get Rid Of Them?

The abdominal lumps that you are displaying in the pictures you sent are little pockets of fat with scar tissue around the periphery.  The scar tissue is basically the dermis of the skin down to the fascia of the muscle below.  
Ultrasound (the kind physical therapists use for sore muscles) can cure almost all of these lumps as it will weaken the scar tissue between the skin and muscle allowing the valleys to come up to the hills.  DMSO is the world's best anti inflammatory and the scar tissue binding the skin down is part of the inflammatory process.  Therefore, DMSO used in conjunction with ultrasound will decrease the binding down of the scars.  Neither of these processes will do anything to take away residual fat.
These two non-invasive modalities carried out during several months under the direction of a plastic surgeon who understands the problem will definitely improve, and more than likely get rid of a majority of the dents.  
If the dents don't resolve, then probably the problem was not only fat but loose skin.  In this case, some degree of skin resection leading to skin tightening will be necessary.
As a sidebar comment, if your skin was tight to start out with, then it may be the type of liposuction instrument your surgeon used.  It has been my experience and the experience of most plastic surgeons that good old fashioned liposuction creates less of these complications than the Vaser, Laser, Slim, Smooth etc.  
At this juncture, I highly recommend you return to your plastic surgeon and alert him or her about your concerns.

Lumps after liposuction surgery

Physical exam is the best way to assess the underlying cause of the problem.  The appearance of skin irregularities might be caused by over- or under-correction or scar tissue.

Your original PS should know about this skin asymmetry.  However, you may also seek a second opinion if you want to allay your concerns.  Just make sure that you only consult board-certified plastic surgeon who performs primary and revision liposuction on a regular basis. You may want to see some photo reference, which you can visit by clicking the link below.  I hope that helps and good luck.

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