Why am I left with flat, red marks that won't go away 10 days after IPL treatment? (Photo)

10 days ago I had IPL treatment to target freckles/sunspots. They browned, peeled off, and scabbed. I used wound serum to help the healing because they were raw. Most finally closed but not only did the pigment resurface on some, now I'm also left with pink spots that look like acne scars and I'm concerned. Will this go away? Is this normal?

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IPL and redness

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IPL can work well for both brown and red spots. However I would return to your treating physician for localized wound care. I prefer the Alex Trivantage for isolated brown spots. Please consult an expert in lasers. Best, Dr. Green

Post IPL pink spots

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Hi, you should go back to your doctor or therapist for advice. it appears that you may require wound care, so that the spots will heal with minimum risk of scarring.


Dr Steven Ang

Steven G. Ang, MBBS
Singapore Hair Restoration Surgeon

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