What Issues May I Face in Future if I Only Have Strattice Put into my Left Breast to Correct Bottoming out and Double Bubble?

I am having my 2nd revision on Friday on my left breast. the right one is perfect! The doctor will be correcting it using strattice as my left implant has bottomed out and i have the double bouble. He attempted to correct it in May using internal stitches to close up the pocket and external sultures but the stitches did not hold. He told me the tissue is to thin so this time he will use strattice. Will stratice on one breast feel or look different than the right? Will the right one sag sooner?

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It would be helpful to have a current photograph for your situation.  When you refer to a 'double bubble,' I doubt that you are speaking of a classic double bubble deformity---this refers to a situation where a patient has had an augmentation when in fact she would have  been better served with both an augmentation and a breast lift (mastopexy) to deal with excess tissue.

In your circumstance, you are probably referring to prominence in the lower pole of the breast, brought on by implant malposition.  The use of Strattice in the lower pole to reinforce the internal suturing is reasonable.  If your soft tissues are very thin, you may be able to feel the Strattice down the line, but most patients do not and I doubt it would be an issue.  

Castle Rock Plastic Surgeon
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Having had an unsuccessful repair with sutures and your own tissues, using Strattice is the best option here. 

  • will these look and feel different?--somewhat, but less so than now
  • will the breasts sag at different rate?--unknown
  • should something be done to the right side (?implied question)--no, it can only be made imperfect if it is now perfect.

Your surgeons approach seems sensible.

Thanks, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Strattice for pocket repair

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Your questions about how they will be can't really be answered, but after a failed suture repair, this is your best option so go forward knowing that there may be differences in the feel or not, but if the look and symmetry are improved, all is good.  Good luck

Avoid Stratice! Your own body has a much better structure: Fascia intelligent use of the subfascial plane is the answer

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Avoid Stratice! Your own body has a much better structure: Fascia intelligent use of the subfascial plane is the answer




The problems that lead to suggested use of Stratice and dermal fillers are way too common.  The reality of breast augmentation is that most women have similar results and are simply not aware that there is a better option.  The most commonlyt used technique is the  "dual-plane" subpectoral placement.  this sets up the implants for lateral and inferior malposition.  The top of the breast has muscular coverage and because of the pectoralis major's origination next to the sternum, the implants are pushed away from midline creating the valley between them that you dislike ( I call this the Miami Valley based on the common augmented look of breast augmentations in Miami).  Because the inferior portion of the breast is subglandular,  there is no support and the implant tend to migrate toward the armpits then down.


For these reasons I do not perform submuscular or dual-plane breast augmentations.  I use a technique that I call "Cold-Subfascial Breast AugmentationTM" that overcomes the shortcomings of dual plane.  By leaving the muscle alone and precisely lifting the strong pectoralis fascia,  I am able to custom design what is essentially a living natural brassiere to support the implant within the breast.  Using this technique I am able to create beautiful natural appearing breasts that complement the individual patient's body.


I commonly revise patients in your position by converting them to the cold-subfascial plane.  In my experience this is the only way to repair the breast and create a long-lived beautiful result.  Artificial materials such as stratice are just asking for trouble in my opinion.  I hope this helps!



All the best,


Rian A. Maercks M.D.

Breast augmentation revision with strattice

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It is hard to offer specific advice without pictures or better yet a physical exam.  From your description, it sounds as if you have a low riding implant that was not successfully corrected with an internal suture repair.  Under these circumstances Strattice can be used to construct a ledge that will support the implant in position.  I take care of quite a few patients who are referred to me for complex revisions of breast implants and I have found Strattice to be very helpful in this regard.

John Q. Cook, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Strattice for breast repair

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Agree with your surgeon given the scenario you described. Strattice is the best option for patients who need tissue reinforcement. You should not be able to feel it but the Strattice side may age a bit better. (Disclosure - I am a speaker for Lifecell - makers of Strattice)

Jason Pozner, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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