Incompetence? Diep flap left me with a bulge which is pretty rare. (photos)

He gave me a script for PT and said that would solve problem! Another PS who I used for the revision found a muscle tear which he said would account for the bulge. He tightened everything up and then used allover mesh. I am thrilled with the revision.

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Breast reconstruction revision with fat grafting

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Although this doesn't happen frequently it definitely happens.  The tissue that covers the muscle can stretch or give way.  Some patients have thinner tissues over the muscles.  The surgeon who performed your DIEP flap is very capable.  Sorry this happened.

Abdominal bulge following DIEP

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Abdominal bulging is certainly not a rare complication following DIEP or TRAM reconstructions.  Although the muscle is left behind in a DIEP, we do need to follow the perforator vessels through the muscle, and this can lead to muscle damage.  I'm glad your repair was successful, but this is not the result of incompetence on the part of your first surgeon.  

Kelly Killeen, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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