Eye Surgery Brown Spot on Eye? (photo)

Okay so I have had this brown spot on my eye for as long as I can remember which I think it has grown over the years I remember seeing a doctor about 5 years ago about it he said its nothing but if it gets larger to go back to the doctor I never went back. The spot makes me a little self conscious so I would like to know if there is surgery available that would remove the spot from my eye.

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Brown Spot on Eye

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From your description and photo, it appears that this discoloration has been present for some time.  This is frequently referred to as conjunctival melanosis, a painless, flat, brown spot that might look like a freckle.  They tend to be asymptomatic but can be treated with surgery, cryotherapy or chemotherapy eye drops. These lesions can develop into cancerous lesions, therefore they should be followed with examinations and serial photos to document changes in size, color and borders of the lesion.  Follow-up with your eye doctor.

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