NJ doctors, does an endoscopic brow lift involve moving the scalp and hairline?

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I'm not in New Jersey (I'm in NY) but there is minor movement of the hairline with endoscopic brow lift

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As a matter of fact, there was an article in last month's Plastic Surgery Journal on this very topic. Endoscopic browlifts do raise the hairline. There is a procedure called a pre-trichial browlift that can either maintain or actually lower the hairline with brow lifting. So, if you already have a high hairline or are worried about further recession, a pre-trichial brow lift may be a better alternative.

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Endoscopic braw lift with full control of the hairline position, Morristown New Jersey

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I have been doing endoscopic brow lift since it's insertion in the early 1990s. The method is fixation can vary but I have used a method that gives the procedure a great longevity, preserves sensation to the scalp, reduces or eliminates growing and gives me full control of the forehead hight and the hairline position to avoid raising the hairline when it is not required. Detailed explanation is provided during the consultation including computer simulation.

Endoscopic brow lifting does raise the hairline

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The  brow lift procedure involves raising low eyebrows. Asymmetry of the eyebrows can also be adjusted at the same time. An endoscopic brow lift  will raise the hairline. A coronal incision is usually required for patients  Who have a high hairline, so that the hairline can be lowered. This is accomplished by raising the eyebrows and removing the bald non-hairbearing skin.  Also important to adjust the corrugator, frontalis and procures muscles at the same time, if needed.For many examples, please see the link below to our brow lift photo gallery

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