Diep flap revision due to abd. bulge 7/20, JP drain removed 8/5. PS aspirated 35cc 8/9. Next day, fluid again. Is this a seroma?

I am worried that fluid can encapsulate. 35cc aspirated 8/9, but PS can't see me again till 8/23 and said I'll be fine. Day after he aspirated I note fluid wave again, but less perhaps. Wearing the binder 24/7. Now I note slight bulge. Is 2 weeks too long to wait to allow fluid to just sit around? Will this fluid become encapsulated? My current PS did not do the original diep flap but when he did the revision he noted a tear in the abd. muscle which explained the bulge. He fixed and put mesh.

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Breast reconstruction revision

Yes if fluid is left in place for to long of a period of time a capsule will form.  In this case the capsule and the fluid may have to be removed.

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