Am I a candidate for non-surgical nose job? (photos)

Hi there - the tip of my nose is kind of sharp and droops slightly on only the right hand side, the left hand side is perfectly straight(see pictures below). This probably doesn't bother me enough to get anything surgically repaired, but I might be open to a non-surgical filler option if that is possible. Can someone evaluate my pics and tell me if this is possible? I essentially just want the right hand side of my nose to look like the left hand side. Thanks in advance.

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Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Are Effective For Improving Bent Tips & Depressed Bridges

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I have been performing nonsurgical nose jobs with volumizing fillers for about fifteen years.  to correct bent noses, saddle noses, droopy tips, clefts in the tip, irregularities resulting from surgical rhinoplasty,and depressions on the sides of the nose.

Nonsurgical nose jobs  typically take about five to ten minutes to perform, necessitate little or no downtime (most people can return to work or social activities right afterward) and most often engenders an immediate "Wow!" response. Nonsurgical rhinoplasty is a very viable alternative for people with the above kinds of nasal problems, especially in those, such as yourself, who do not wish to undergo aggressive rhinoplasty with its attendant expense and prolonged downtime. 

When deemed necessary, an experienced injector might suggest a test treatment in which a small amount of saline or diluted anesthetic solution is injected into the sites requiring correction as a "test" to see the outcome. The results of this test treatment lasts about five minutes--enough time to provide doctor and patient a real life idea of the outcome that can be anticipated from actual treatment.

It is important to seek consultation with a board certified core aesthetic physician with extensive experience and expertise in nonsurgical nose jobs.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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If you want an sort of change to your nose you need to first have it evaluated by an expert and then a surgical rhnoplasty is the way to go. Non surgical stuff is only for minor changes.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Non surgical nose job

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It is difficult to tell from the photo but my sense is that you could get significant and long lasting improvement from filler.  I prefer HA filers in this area such as Juvederm ultra plus.  It is critical to go to an injection expert who s board certified and experienced treating noses.  The results are often remarkable and can even make the tip appear "lifted" by altering the way light and shadow reflects on the nasal bridge.

Joseph A. Eviatar, MD, FACS
New York Oculoplastic Surgeon
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