My Nipples Are Very Low 1 Week After Surgery. Will They Look Better Soon?

i had breast augmentation 1 wk ago went from c to d they were sagging after children. my dr said i did not need a lift but they look bigger but my nipples are low. will this get better?

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Low riding nipples following breast augmentation: solutions for you.

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This is very common at this point at this point in the healing process and I would not at all be too concerned. I typically have my patients perform (see attached video) breast implant displacement exercises and use of an upper pole compressive band. Discuss these options with your plastic surgeon and wait about 6-9 months before assessing the final result or contemplating additional surgery.

Low nipples after implants

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It is hard to say how they will look without seeing photos. If you were not ptotic to begin with then the implants may just be high and they will come down and the nipples will look better.

Low nipple after Breast Augmentation

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After any breast augmentation, the implants do tend to "settle" a bit. Usually this is a dropping of the implants as the lower pole breast tissue and skin stretch in response to the implant weight. If the nipples are slightly low, this will improve their position. However, if at 4-6 months, the nipples are still low, a lift may be necessary to correct their position.

David Bogue, MD
Boca Raton Plastic Surgeon
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To lift or not

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Of course the lift requires scars but the implant isn't going to lift you to any significant degree by itself.  You need to heal for 3-4 months but it sounds like you might need a lift.  A photo would have been very helpful here.

Nipple position may change to some degree after breast augmentation

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Dear Treva,

After a breast augmentation has been performed, there will be some degree of settling that occurs. This generally means that the implant will descend as

  1. gravity acts on the implant 
  2. the soft tissues (skin and muscle) become stretched to some degree by the implant, and its weight
  3. the swelling of the soft tissues subsides
  4. the muscle relaxes (if placed under the muscle)

As the implant settles, the position of the nipple will appear to elevate as it becomes more 'centered' on the breast implant. There are limits though, and you shouldn't expect more the 1 or 2 cm of change in the nipple position. When an implant settles TOO much, this is known as bottoming out. The process of settling may take between 3-6 months to be fully complete, faster if it was done over the muscle. You are at one week after surgery, it is likely too early to make judgments, especially if your surgeon said that you didn't need a breast lift.

Best regards,

Lawrence Tong MD FACS FRCSC

Lawrence Tong, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon

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