Will my Nipples Return to Normal Sensation if I Have Breast Implants Removed?

I had breast implants 1 1/2 weeks ago. Both breasts feel very painful to touch, particuliarly on the nipples. I'm sure that I want the implants removed. Can I do it this soon? Will my nipples ever stop hurting when I touch them and will my skin bounce back if I get them explanted very soon?

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Will my nipples return to normal sensation if I have breast implants removed?

Hello! Thank you for your question! Your symptoms sound like your nerves regenerating. Breast procedures such as the breast augmentation and breast lift/reduction certainly result in a more shapely, perky, and fuller appearance of your breasts. With any breast procedure there is a risk, albeit very small, of change in sensation to the area. The reported rate of sensation changes (decreased, loss, or increased) is ~7% for lift/reductions and much smaller for breast augmentation. In my experience, this rate is reportedly much lower, but is higher when tissue is excised or the amount of lift that is needed, so the breast reduction procedure has a slightly greater risk. It can take up to a year for full sensation to return. Re-educating your nerves to these areas by using different textures when showering and putting on lotion often helps.  Explantation probably will not change the current sensation, however, the decrease in pressure beneath the nipple may serve to give some increased sensation potentially.

It is one risk of such a procedure, and one that you must consider, amongst others, as with any surgical procedure. You should consult with a plastic surgeon well-trained in breast procedures who will examine and discuss with you the various risks and benefits of the procedure(s) and assist you in deciding if such a procedure will be the right decision for you.

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Nipple pain?

Dear 6628,
Thank you for your post. In general, most women who have a disturbance in nipple sensation, whether it be less (hypo-sensation), or in some cases too much (hyper-sensation), the sensation goes back to normal with 3-6 months. Occasionally, it can take 1 - 2 years to be normal. Extremely rare, the sensation never goes back to normal. This is extremely rare in augmentation alone, more common in lift or reduction. Signs that sensation is coming back are needle type sensation at the nipple, itchiness at the nipple, or 'zingers' to the nipple. The number of women that lose sensation is much lower than 10%, closer to 1% in a simple augmentation. In some cases the same occurs with contraction where some women have no contraction and some women have a constant contraction of the nipples. Unfortunately there is no surgical correction for this. Massaging the area can help sensation normalize faster if it is going to normalize, but will not help if the nerve does not recover. In women with hyper-sensitive nipples, this will go away with time in most cases. Usually 3 months or so. In the interim, I have them wear nipple covers or 'pasties' to protect them from rubbing. It is unlikely that down-sizing the implant will cause regaining sensation. Down-sizing the implant may cause saggy breasts, however, and may necessitate a breast lift.
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Sensitivity and implants

Usually sensation improves as the swelling from surgery subsides.  If you have your new implants removed because you have changed your  mind, there is no guarantee that the sensation will go back to normal, but it may.

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Breast Implant Removal

It is too early for you to make such a decisive decision so soon after your breast augmentation.  Nipple hypersensitivity is very common after breast augmentation and may last several weeks.  Nevertheless, it will definitely improve.  Regarding your explantation, it is important to know what your imaplnt size is.  If it is too large, then it may result in sagging after implant removal.

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Nipple hypersensitivity

It is not unusual to have nipple hypersensitivity after breast augmentation surgery. You surgeon can teach you how to desensitize them and that hypersensitivity will go away.

This may take 1-2 months.

Discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon. Discuss the explantation with your plastic surgeon. You are only one and a half weeks after surgery. You may need time to get used to your new body image.


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Breast Implant Removal will NOT give you the breasts you had before surgery

A year and half is a long time. During this period your breasts were stretched out and more skin was produced as well as some breast tissue was changed and thinned out. Removing your breasts implants is unlikely to give you the breasts you had before surgery and more likely to result in saggier, less full breasts. Removal of the implants may result in improvement of the painful sensation but that too is far from certain. Such painful sensation are very rare with breast augmentation and may not be improved by removal of the implants.

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