Nipples Way too High After Lift, What Are My Options? (photo)

i lost weight then had a breast lift. now my nipples are too high. only an a cup an not alot of tissue to work with. was done with insurance paying as necessary. cant afford to have done without insurance paying. is there any way to have it corrected so i stop coming out of all bras and clothes?

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Correction of High Nipples

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There is usually a way to lower your nipples and areolae to a more favorable position. An examination is critical for the best opinion. Most likely you could benefit from raising your inframammary crease and converting the lollipop lift to a T to shorten the vertical scar creating more upper pole fullness. You may be a candidate for a graft. An exam is needed to confirm. Consult with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon experienced in revisional surgery. See below for suggestions.

Nipples Too High after Breast Lifting?

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Thank you for the question.

It may be helpful to you to resubmit  pictures of both breasts from a further distance.

Based on the limited patient, the situation may be improved by working on the lower pole of the breasts;  this procedure may serve to improve the positioning of the nipple/areola on the breast mound. Given that you do not have “a lot of tissue to work with” breast  implants are an option to fill the superior poles of the breasts, with the goal of improving the position of the nipple/areola on the breast mounds.

I hope this helps.

"Sky High Nipples"

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Your picture is a bit difficult to interpret.  A picture of both breasts would be great.  To answer the question if the nipples are too high one solution would be to shorten the distance between the bottom of the areolar and your crease.  In your case this would hide your incision much better.  Revisit with your plastic surgeon to discuss solutions.  

Dr. ES

Nipple Position After Breast Lift

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Your nipples do not appear too high in these photos. You may see it that way because you have little upper pole volume. This appearance could be improved by tightening the inframammary crease and placing it into a higher position or even the use of a breast implant to increase upper breast volume. But this will not be a procedure that insurance is going to cover.

Nipple Position

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Your nipple position is not really that high.  The problem may be more due to a lack of tissue in the upper part of your breast.  It is difficult to tell due to the darkness of the photo.  I am not sure that there are many options that would be covered by insurance.

Nipples too high

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The position doesn't really look too bad from the photo but if you're having an issue - you're having an issue. You would need the infra-mammary crease raised in order to change the relative relationship between the breast, nipple and chest. i wouldn't think that any insurance would pay.

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