Nipples Not Centered Post BA Surgery - What Can Be Done?

The measure of my breasts' curcomference, from its inside edge to nipple, then nipple to outside edge, are 4:5 inches on left (9 inches total), 3.5:5 on right (or 8.5 total). So the implants sit a bit on outside (my boobs 2 fingers apart),very obvious on the right. Is anything can be done to help address this (agressive massage, sleeping on side or stomach, etc)? I'm 3wks post-op,5'3"/110lbs, with 300+30cc MP saline under muscle. BTW, could it be too big for me? Thanks for your opinions!

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A picture is worth a thousand words

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It would be helpful to analyze both your before pictures and your after pictures. First, 3 weeks is early, so I would allow 2 months before making final judgment.  Placing implants will tend to magnify the breasts, so any small asymmetry could be more noticeable afterwards.  Allow healing to take place, but do not expect perfect symmetry.  If you look closely, almost no one has perfect symmetry before surgery.  Keep you surgeon in the loop, he/she is very invested in your recovery and your results.

Goal of breast augmentation is pleasing result, not necessarily perfect symmetry.

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1)  I think I can visualize what troubles you.  You need to live with your new breasts for several months, and then decide if you are happy overall, in spite of some asymmetry.

2)  If not, it is possible that moving the right implant pocket slightly to the inside may help.  Cannot tell without picture.

3)  Unfortunately, massage or other conservative measures will not help.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

VIDEO Breast Asymmetry: Easy solution but don't expect perfect symmetry

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It's not that simple. I frequently tell my patients to expect less asymmetry rather than perfect symmetry.With a hemicircumference of 9. IF you don't like to the wide set appearanceof your breasts you could do medial capsulotomy and lateral capsulorrhaphy to bring them together but you risk synmastia (uniboob). If you don't like the asymmetry and your right breast is smaller you could try a medial capsulotomy alone with a slightly larger diameter implant so that the 3.5 is closer to the 4

Please review your preop pictures with your doctor

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Nipple and breast asymmetry is very common and most patient do not notice the difference. Preop picture will help to see if the asymmetry was there before surgery or the implants caused it.

For early asymetries after breast augmentation look at your preop photos

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Many early differences in nipple position and angulation are not a mistake by the surgeon but are magnifications of one's own preop asymmetries.  These can be subtle things that become more visible when you magnify them with the augmentation.  So ask your doctor to review your preop photos with you.

If the changes you see are not there before, there may be just some differential swelling going on.  Lastly, wait at least 4-6 months before even considering whether any revision might be able to get things closer for your satisfaction.

Nipple Displacement or Uneven Nipples after Breast Implants/Augmentation

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Thank you for your question. I agree wait 6 months before considering a revision. Your implants will fall and improve. Also check your pre op photo, you may have had this asymmetry to begin with.

If after 6 months the implants or one implant is too far to the side and pushing the nipple inward, this can be corrected by suturing or closing the lateral or outside of the pocket.

Nipple position after implants

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Not all women have perfectly centered areolas in fact most do not.  After plaicng implants, this asymmetry is often magnified.

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