5 Days Post-Op Breast Augmentation and Nipples are Uneven, Should They Even Out Over Time?

i had breast augmantation 5 days ago and one nipple is about 1.5cm lower than the other. before the augmantation one of my breast had lower crease about 1-1.5cm. I was a deflated 34a to small b 1.65 tall and 50 kg. had 300cc unders. i am worried if my nipples will look like that after recovery or if that slowly slowly will come to the same level. started to get very worried. i will also speak to my doctor next week. thank u!

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Nipple position after breast augmentation

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breast augmentation will frequently have unevenness post op .

considerations include: there is frequently a trade off

  1. volume
  2. position
  3. fullness at top
  4. nipple position
  5. position at bottom


It depends on pre-existing nipple asymmetries

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Without your pre-operative pictures it is impossible to know.  If your nipple to the top of your sternum (chest bone) was different pre-operatively, your asymmetry will continue and sometimes even amplifies. It is also possible that your nipple position was very symmetrical pre-operatively and thus should attain good post-operative symmetry over the course of time as you are very early in your pre-operative course and many changes lie ahead.  I am very aggressive about suggesting correction of nipple asymmetries pre-operatively to prevent future disappointments.

Breast augmentation doesn't change nipple position or improve asymmetry, only volume & shape.

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When done correctly, breast augmentation is a great way to increase the size and shape of the breasts. By using different sized implants, surgeons can even make up for differences in volume of the breasts if one is smaller than the other. However, unless a breast lift (mastopexy) is done at the same time, augmentation alone will not change the position of the nipples or any asymmetry between them.  In your case, assuming that you did not have a breast lift, having one nipple lower than the other after breast augmentation likely means that you had some asymmetry in nipple position and the inframammary fold (the natural crease beneath the breasts) before surgery. It's often easy to miss such differences before surgery, and they can be made more obvious after augmentation. Of course, surgery may also result in one implant being higher than the other, but this should not change the nipple or inframammary fold positions. Without photos it's difficult to determine the exact situation. However, it's so early after surgery that I would encourage you to be patient and let a few months pass before fully assessing your result. Good luck!

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Nipple asymmetry

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Wthout pre and post-op photos it is diffiuclt to say what is going on, Remember everyone has asymmetry before surgery and certainly everyone has it afterwards.

5 Days Post-Op Breast Augmentation and Nipples are Uneven, Should They Even Out Over Time?

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Posting before and after photos does help. I bet you were asymmetric before to the N/A height. If after a few months still unhappy than have a skin only donut lift under local anesthesia. This should even you out. 

The nipples should even out

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Your nipples should even out as the swelling comes down provided the implants are placed even. The different fold may play a role in the implant position. If the fullness of the implant on top is even when standing up straight then the implants are in good position despitemthenfold may look a little different.

Breast asymmetry after augmentation

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Thanks for the question. You are very early in the healing process--too early to begin to worry about asymmetry. Your breasts may have swelled differently or perhaps you favor one side when sleeping. Definitely discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon at the time of suture removal and continue to followup regularly.

Uneven results at 5 Days

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Asymmetrries of one's breasts are very common, unfortunately many patients do not recognize this until after their augmentation. It is best to think of them as sisters not twins. Some of these asymmetries can be adjusted or even corrected, others can not. It is important for the surgeon to point these out before the augmentation. After augmentation the post operative course and adjustment (e.g. positioning) of implants can be different partly due to these differences. Active massaging of the implants helps tremendously, most surgeons do not recommend beginning this until several days after surgery. Finally most women do not observe their final result until several months. Thanks and good luck on your result.

Benson E. L. Timmons, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon

Breast Augmentation Results 5 days Postop?

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Thank you for the question.

It is much too early after your surgery to the evaluating the symmetry of the breasts or nipples.  Evaluating these issues at this point is not worthwhile and can only be the source of unnecessary anxiety.

You will find that the breasts (and the position of the nipple/ areola)  will change significantly over the course of several months to a year after surgery.

Keep follow up with your plastic surgeon is scheduled.

Best wishes.

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