Nipple Stabbing and Breast Burning Pain After 24 Days Submuscular Breast Augmentation, Options?

submuscular breast augmentation 24 days ago. I have a Mondors disease now & I'm having trouble managing my pain. I'm active & trying to keep the pain meds to a minimium.I've tried warm packs, Tylenol, 1/2 vicodin, 2% topical xylocaine, Traumeel cream & oral, Thera-gesic analgesic cream,supportive bras, rest, possitive additude, light stretching, & mediation. The thrombosis is starting to deminish but the breast& nipple pain are as severe as the first days of post-op. No sign of infection

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Pain management after breast augmentation

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Shooting pains to the nipple area after breast augmentation is often (but not always) related to larger implants. This is because the nerve to the nipple area gets stretched. A very effective option is a drug called gabapentin (Neurontin). The pain will get better with time, as will the Mondor's cord that is shown in the pictures (probably unrelated to the nipple pain.)

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