Nipple Soreness After Breast Implants?

Why is my left nipple still so sore post implant? It has been four months already and the left side still has funny sound in there when I massage the breast around. Is that normal after 4 months? I had silicone 300cc implants and was a 34A and now a 32D. The left side is also a bit bitter than the right. Should I be concern?

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NIpple sensation issues after breast augmentation

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Nipple sensation changes can occur with breast augmentation.  Over time this often gets better. As for the funny sound, you should probably be evaluated.

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Nipple sensation after breast augmentation

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The nipples are often sensitive after surgery and may go through a period of pain and sensitivity as the nerves rebound.  This is completely normal and is often a positive sign of healing.  

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Yes, it is normal to have nipple sensitivity it takes up 1 year for the nerves to regenerate and to start to feel more normal. Messaging with lotion can help, I would check with your PS to make sure nothing serious is going on...


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