What Can I Do About One Nipple Pointing Downwards After Some Hard Massage?

Had great boobs after my surgery in march but they werent softening up.doctor told me they were capsulateing and to massage with two hands or roll them around on the ground to get good pressure. One night I heard what sounded like air escaping. Or the implant 'scraping' against my muscle is really the only way I can explain it. one morning after that I woke up and one nipple was lower tha theother pointing down.itlll stay in place for a while but not long.any help?I wear my compression 24/7 now

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Nipple pointing downward after hard massaging

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Thank you for the question. Unfortunately it would not be helpful to give an answer online. You need to communicate your concern with your plastic surgeon. Make sure you see him/her in office and follow their advice. 

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