Nipple necrosis questions?

im 22,i had breast reduction and i woke up with darker nipple and doctor said,blood vessels will recover.first he took out drains after 3 days.then i was coming for control every week.after 1 week nipple was peeling off,the second week half of my breast was literally rotting,and then i decided to go to other surgent,who took out huge hematoma very unpleasant colour and after that everything started it possible that if he took that out on time,my nipple would survive?

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Nipple necrosis questions?

I am very sorry to hear about the complication you have experienced. As you can imagine, it is not possible to objectively/fairly comment on the cause of the tissue necrosis. In other words, although pressure from an underlying fluid accumulation ( such as hematoma) can be a possible culprit, there is no saying with certainty whether this was the cause in your case specifically.

At this point, hopefully after a period of healing, you will be able to undergo revisionary surgery and/or other modalities of treatment to improve your outcome.

Best wishes.

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