Will Nipple Lift Redness Eventually Fade/go Away Completely, or Always Remain?

I had breast augmentation May 2011 & because of nipple asymetry, also a right nipple lift. This red scar makes my areola look much larger than normal, its embarassing. My questions are, #1: Will this redness eventualy fade away completely so it looks 'normal' again, or will some always remain, or is this the final healed result? #2: What brand-drugstore (walmart/walgrens) or otherwise-of scar fade cream/gel will greatly fade/reduce the scarring? I've been using Mederma, so far it hasn't helped.

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Scar Redness?

Thank you for the question and picture.

Scar redness tends to fade over the course of the first  year after surgery. Of course, a visible scar will always be present but with time it will tend to blend in better. Silicone-based products may be helpful.

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Scar Quality Following Breast Lift and Augmentation

Three months is often a time when scars look very angry.  This is a time of much biologic  remodeling and protein synthesis.  Pale skins can make very red scars early on  because there is very little melanin pigment to hide the blood supply.  Scars can be itchy and irritated at this time period also.  In your photo it appears as though one of your dissolving stitches is coming to the surface.  That happens in the majority of patients. We refer to this as a "spitting stitch."  These dissolving stitches can be very irritating. It takes 1-2 years for a scar to reach its final result. In the meantime there are some strategies you can employ to try to get the best possible scar.  Silicone sheeting, silicone gel, taping and Mederma are all things that may be of some benefit.   

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Pink scars after a breast augmentation

Pink scars are more common the more tension there is on the wound. In the procedure you had, it is quite common. In most patients, it will fade. Mederma or ScarGuard are OTC creams that will help in many but not all cases. Also, at this point, consideration of treatments with a YAG lser is something you can look into. A YAG laser is helpful in fading red scars.

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