Nipple Irritation After Breast Lift

Had a breast lift 3 1/2 months ago. Recently my nipple and breast area are irritated and my doctor is away on vacation. Is it normal for this to occur? What do you think might help the swelling go away? Thank you!

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Irritation of skin and nipple following breast lift (mastopexy)

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This appears to be a superficial dermatitis or topical reaction. Are you using any ointment or silicone sheets. This can cause an allergic reaction or supereficial yeast infection respectively. Depending on the cause, you would stop the offending agent and apply either a topical steroid or anti-mycotic cream.

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Nipple irritation after breast lift

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My concern would be a localized yeast infection versus scar hypertrophy. Once the cause is ascertained, a course of treatment can be proposed. Followup with your plastic surgeon is important. Best of luck.

Irritated nipple after breast lift

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What do you mean by irritated?  I see no open wound or sign of infection.  At three and a half months, some discomfort, itching, and other sensations are not abnormal.  The photograph shows a rim of redness along the lower edge of the areola.  If this is the area you are referring to, it is common for absorbable sutures to extrude in this area as the breast gravitationally settles and collagen reorganization progresses.  This may present as a localized area of pain and tenderness, with redness and swelling that eventually becomes a punctate open wound through which suture material can sometimes be extracted.  Afterward, the wound will heal.  If there is a non-absorbable (e.g. purse-string) stitch exposed when the open wound develops, this needs to be removed for the wound to heal.  Warm compresses may accelerate the process, and offer symptomatic relief.

Steve Laverson, MD
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Nipple irritation

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It is hard to see from the photos what the "irritation" is.  The redness of the scar will fade with time if there is irritation it is hard to see and I would have to examine it before giving an answer.

Steven Wallach, MD
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