Inverted Nipple Sign of Cancer?

my one nipple started slowly to invert 4 yrs ago, but now it stays in is this cancer  ,.most of the time it stays in unless i pull it out i am going thru my changes i had a mamo yesterday and now they asked for a ultrasound to see what is going on with it.....does this mean i have cancer? 

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Inverted nipple with changes may indicate breast cancer

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It is a good thing that your mammographer asked for additional studies as a change in the nipple, including inversion or puckering, can be a sign of breast cancer. Hopefully, this will not be the case but you should ask the mammographer for a referral to a general surgeon who can perform a detailed and thorough breast exam. All the best to you.

A newly inverted nipple can be a sign of breast cancer....

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YES, a newly inverted nipple CAN be a sign of breast cancer.  I'm glad you're having it checked.  It may turn out to be nothing, but you should not ignore any new finding in your breasts, whether it's an inverted nipple, a lump, skin changes, size change unrelated to weight change or pregnancy, or nipple discharge.  CONTINUE YOUR WORKUP and turn to your physician with questions like this, not the internet :)

Carmen Kavali, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Inverted Nipple Sign of Cancer

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It is a concern SEEK immediate medical advise not over the internet! See a general surgeon for a detailed breast examination. From MIAMI Dr. B

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