Nipple incision 9 days post op. They do look normal to me but what's causing the pain? (photo)

I got a BA 9 days ago, high profile 325cc under the muscle,nipple incision. It went great! No pain at all, no discomfort. But yesterday morning I woke up with a sharp pain or shooting pain in the nipple area, seems like in the lower part where the stitches are, got worse in the afternoon after they cut the end of the stitches. They do look normal to me but what's causing the pain? Is it normal? I could even wash my hair before already but now I get that sharp pain when stretching arms..

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Breast Augmentation

It is common to get a variety of aches and pains and zings and pullings and pushings and funny feelings and numbness and itching that you can't scratch for at least six months after surgery. These unusual feelings are response of the body stretching over time to accommodate new implant.

While you're description sounds quite normal, the safest thing to do would be to just check in with your plastic surgeon.

Best wishes on a full and complete recovery.

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