Nipple Implants and Scarless Lift in Chicago?

475bag to 690.under the muscle.the problem is not my implants, it is the natural shape of my breast. i was a 32 b before any surgery. when my nipples are hard, my boobs are round, but when theyre not, my boobs are a little bit coney n i have no nipple. i wish they would always be round n hard. if i place implants over the muscle and larger will this help to make them more round. and what are my oprions for permanent nipple implants? do any drs in chicago do the scarless lift?

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Scarless Lift

It sounds that you may be describing a variation of a herniated areola, which maybe associated with a tuberous breast. Implants will enhance the tissues, and  fill the envelope of the breast and chest muscles. How much it does this is dependent on your individual anatomy, and size and style of implants. There are internal pocket techniques that can elevate the breast; but if there is excessive skin , then external scars may be necssary.

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