Nipple Asymmetry Correction Okay if I Want to Have Children?

I had breast augmentation surgery four months ago. Prior to the surgery, I had slight nipple asymmetry. The left side was higher than the right. Post-op, it is more noticeable. The left breast is a half centimeter lower than the right, but the left nipple is maybe an inch higher. If I am hoping to one day have children and breastfeed, should I wait for a possible breast lift down the road to have the asymmetry fixed? What is the procedure, recovery, and result for having nipple asymmetry fixed? I do not have any loss of sensation.

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Nipple/Areola Surgery for Asymmetry?

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Yes, it is possible to adjust the positions of the nipple/areola complexes. This can be done under local anesthesia in most cases. 

I would suggest that you time the surgery carefully;  for example, it may be in your best interests to wait until you have completed pregnancies to undergo any further breast surgery.

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Picture would be helpful

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 You my need the implant adjustment and not the lift procedure. Pictures or examination by a plastic surgeon will help. If you need to have lift and you plan to have kids any time soon, I would recommend to wait till you finished with pregnancy and then do the lift. 

Kamran Khoobehi, MD
New Orleans Plastic Surgeon
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Brreast Asymmetry after Augmentation

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Correction of the left nipple/areolar asymmetry at this point in time would not compromise future treatments after your pregnancies, if and when you develop breast ptosis. The scars for the nipple correction can be around the nipple and barely noticeable. Do not expect perfect symmetry, but improvement; otherwise wait until after your pregnancies and see how much ptosis (drooping) occurs, if any, and have it treated witha full mastopexy at that time. This procedure can be performed under local anesthesia with mild (oral) sedation) and you could be back to work (unless it involves vigorous physical activities) within a day or two. Also, since it has only been 4 months since your surgery, you may want to wait a few more months before considering the procedure.

Your surgeon, hopefully a board certified plastic surgeon, should have discussed the possiblities of asymmetries with you beforre your augmentation. And he/she should have discussed potential revisions if this occured.

Theodore Katz, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Plastic Surgeon

Correcting nipple position asymmetry

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It sounds as though your goal is to move your right nipple up to more closely approximate the higher right side. This can usually be accomplished by what is called a peri-areolar lift which leaves a scar all the way around the areola and most often involves the use of a permanent suture under the skin by this scar. Regards the half centimeter height difference, this may be able to be improved on by aggressive massage. Breast feeding is never a given if you haven't breast fed before because we don't know what will happen. It also depends on your scar from the breast augmentation too. Some feel that the incision below the areola places you at a higher risk of not being able to breast feed but you will find equal numbers of plastic surgeons that would argue against that. I would give your breasts a bit more time to heal and relax before having a second surgery but it should help. As always, it is best to discuss the details with you plastic surgeon who has first hand knowledge of your anatomy. Take care.

Dr Edwards

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