Nipple & Areola Repair After Nipple Sparing Mastectomy and Necrosis?

I had bilateral a nipple sparing mastectomy done in November - it was an one-step to Alloderm procedure. Shortly after the surgery I developed superficial necrosis of left areola and right nipple & areola. The result is that the right nipple is not visible anymore(flat). The skin looks red and unnatural. Is there any solution to this problem? Also the shape of the breasts is uneven and they look very unnatural. How long should I wait until seing the final result?

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Secondary Nipple & Areola reconstruction following Mastectomy and Nipple necrosis

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There are a number of good solutions to your problem.  Nipples can be created out of local tissue flaps and areolas can be reconstructed with either skin grafts and/or tatooing.  However, it is important that you allow time for the area to heal before proceeding which a secondary nipple reconstruction.  Check with your surgeon, but I would suggest waiting 3 to 6 months following your mastectomy before undertaking another surgery.  Best of luck.

Problems after reconstruction

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The nipples can in many cases be reconstructed with local skin, grafts, and/or tattooing. The breasts should be healed enough at this point to make a determination regarding a revision to improve results.

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