Nipple / Areola complexes following breast reduction (Photo)

I had a breast reduction with lollipop incision on December 2nd. Prior to BBR I was a 36/38DDD with small, sometimes flat nipples, but note that my nipples did become erect when I was cold, intimate, etc, and I had no issues breast feeding. These are my breasts two months post op. I'm now a 36/38DD, and my nipples are completely inverted and the areolas seem indented. What caused this, and what's the chance it will correct, and when? Please do not suggest that I speak with my surgeon as I was released from his care at three weeks post op. Therefore I am hoping for some input from a surgeon here.

Also, the pictures attached are with me leaning slightly forward.

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Three Weeks after a reduction

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I'll admit that is not something I have seen before. My guess is that things will change significantly over then next 2-3 months and that with time, the issues may or may not resolve.  I would be interested in knowing what happens over time if you would be kind enough to repost as things settle in.
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Released from care at 3 weeks?

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It is entirely inappropriate to release a patient from care 3 weeks after surgery. At least 3-4 months are required for full healing. That being said, I question the use of a lollipop on you as you still look way to big in the limited photo you provided. A T would have potentially given more shaping to the surgeon if they are good at doing that. I can't comment on the nipples as they don't show on the photo.

Inverted nipples following breast reduction

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From the appearance of your breasts, my guess is that a vertical breast reduction was attemped with a superior pedicle.  The appearance of your nipples is generally from traction of the pedicle pulling downward.  These issues will either settle down after time or if they do not, a revision is necessary.  I am very suprised that a plastic surgeon would release a patient at 3 weeks postop.  Please go back and see him or her.  If for some strange reason, the surgeon doesn't want to see you back, go and see a plastic surgeon who is familiar with vertical breast reduction techniques to fix your breasts..

Breast appearance

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I am not sure how someone could be released from care after 3 weeks.  You should wait a few months more to allow things to heal.  You may need a revision.

Nipples after reduction

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This is not uncommon to see immediately after surgery, but it usually goes away in a couple of days.  It is possible that it could improve in a month or two, but i doubt it. I would find another board certified plastic surgeon

Breast Reduction follow up

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A revision may be required.  You need a referral from your family doctor to a plastic surgeon to be seen when your options can be discussed.
I think it is inappropriate to discharge you after three weeks, before you fully healed.  In our practice we see patients regularly after the surgery, and then at 6 months and 12 months after surgery before completely releasing them, but that's another issue.

Once you get a referral to another plastic surgeon, make sure to bring with you copies of your surgical report from your previous surgeon, as well as pictures he/she took before the surgery to allow your new surgeon to understand what was done during the surgery.

Inverted nipples after breast reduction

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The nipples are certainly inverted now, but most likely will normalize with more time. It might take 3-6 months for the final shape of the breast to be realized, including the nipples. It is, however, a bit unusual that you have this much inversion after 2 months. It would certainly be something that I would be discussing with your surgeon.

You still have very large breasts. It is hard to criticize the amount of reduction without seeing a before photo, but it appears as if you still have plenty of tissue that could be removed if a revision procedure was needed.

You should be following up with your surgeon regularly for at least the first 3 months after surgery. I prefer to see mine at the 6 month and 1 year mark too. You have paid for the surgery with either insurance copays or out of pocket. The follow up is considered part of the surgery and you should be utilizing it.

Nipple / Areola complexes following breast reduction

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You have many issues as to the result of the breast reduction. Only further revision surgery could and can improve the over all result./// 


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I agree with the other docs I like to follow people basically indeffinately, I would wait 6 months to allow the inflammation to settle and than decide on a revision if needed

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