Nightly Breast Pain After Inamed Breast Implants in 2004?

It’s been 8 years since my breast implants, a part of the study. They’ve done wonderfully, until 2 years ago then my left one started burning intermittently, ONLY at night. Now every night. I’ve had every test, my Dr's including Plastic Surgeon, and no one can find or see the cause. They think only nerve damage & even if they take it out it would not cure the pain. I am 48 & think it could be hormones, capsular or a myriad of reasons. It isn't always horrible but can be excruciating at night

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Breast pain 8 years post augmentation is extremely rare

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Thank you for your question.  It can be frustrating to have discomfort / pain and no obvious cause and therefore no solution.  It is extremely rare for woman to have breast pain after implants.  In the event of any pain, it is often more noticable at night as we dont have the distractions that occur during the day.  There are some causes of breast pain that you may want to consider.  

  • Caffiene is often associated with breast pain.  Decrease caffiense to zero over the next month (coffee, tea, colas, chocolate etc) to see if this helps. 
  • Cohash and evening primrose oil tablets (naturalpathic suppliments) often help with breast pain. 
  • If "nerve related" try wearing a bar to bed for better support.
  • You may have an early breast capsular contracture.  These can be sore.  your plastic surgeon can assess this for you. ROM exercises and some oral medications can help this situation.


I hope this provides some help for your discomfort.   

Sudbury Plastic Surgeon

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