I have been trying to conceive for 6 months after vaginoplasty. Is it the cause of the delay?

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Can vaginoplasty cause infertility?

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This is not a question I have seen before and my first response would be a simple no that it does not. Tightening of the vagina will not affect your ability to get pregnant.  However there is a remote chance that you had some scarring internally during the procedure so you should have an examination by the surgeon or a gynecologist.  I suspect you have had children before because you had this procedure.  If you are with the same partner who fathered your children then you don't have to send your husband to get his sperm evaluated right away.  Typically infertility is defined as twelve months of trying to conceive unsuccessfully so you are not quite in this ballpark.  If you are in your late thirties or older and have painful menstrual cycles or have never conceived I would seek medical advice sooner. 

Can a Vaginoplasty cause infertility? Can I have a vaginal birth after Vaginoplasty?

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NO. If you haven't gotten pregnant by 1 year, see an expert in infertility, and best begin with a good sperm count for your husband (male factors are the #1 cause of infertility). Also: a vaginal delivery will break down your vaginoplasty. Best plan on an elective C-section if you wish to keep it intact...


Michael P Goodman, MD

Davis, CA, USA

Infertility has nothing to do with vaginoplasty

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Infertility is a couple's issue. Almost half of infertility problems are sperm-related. Start by visiting your gynecologist for advice. Vaginoplasty doesn't involve the organs responsible for fertility. By the way, you should be aware that vaginal childbirth will most certainly destroy the results of your vaginoplasty. If you do get pregnant, you should consider an elective cesarean to protect the repair.

Vaginoplasty the cause of infertility?

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I agree with Dr Horowitz below:  it is impossible to say without an exam.  In general, however, vaginoplasty should not have an effect on your fertility.  Please get an evaluation by the surgeon who performed your surgery

John R Miklos MD

Atlanta ~ Beverly Hills ~ Dubai

Trouble with Conception

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The specific risks and suitability of these procedures for each individual can be determined only at the time of consultation.  All surgical procedures have some degree of risk.  Minor complications that do not affect the outcome occur occasionally.  Major complications are rare. These can include infection, bleeding, (hematoma), separation of the incision, changes in sensation, pain, increased sensitivity, unsatisfactory cosmetic results.  Any concerns of infection, new pain, swelling, bleeding, drainage should immediately be addressed by the doctor. It is hard to tell if trouble with conception could be a result of your vaginoplasty. There could be many questions to take to your plastic surgeon for a follow-up, and you could have the area evaluated and make sure that the two are not interconnected. Good luck.

Jed H. Horowitz, MD, FACS
Orange County Plastic Surgeon
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