Please good cream to use to have a fairer and clear skin. (photo)

The picture below shows my face and chest with pimples. Am fair but want to be more fair. Am using crystalline white UV body milk but us making dark with a lot of pimples all over my face and chest. Thanks

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Skin Discoloration...

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I would highly recommend you start on a Retin-A cream at night and Hydroquinone.  These two products require prescriptions.  In addition to daily use of prescription strength products I would recommend getting on a regular regimen of facials with a medical aesthetician.  Once your skin has been on these products for at least 1 month a medical provider can recommend a laser to give you optimal results.  In my office I really like our Sciton's Halo Laser  and our Venus Viva Radio Frequency machine for face, neck, and chest.  This laser will help resurface and even out skin color and tone without having to worry about skin types.  Hope this helps.

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