31yr old mother of 3. Extreme ptosis, no volume at all, a lot of redundant skin. Any suggestions? (photos)

My breasts were small to begin with, size 32B. I was happy with their shape and size before the kids. Now they look like flip flops. Don't want anything big. Just want to restore their former glory. The right nipple is much lower than the left.

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A breast lift with augmentation may work well.

Many women experience a change in breast shape, volume and position after pregnancy or breastfeeding. A breast lift can help correct the sagging, remove the excess skin, rebalance your nipples and improve the position of your breasts. For the lost volume, you may want to consider breast augmentation, which can be added to a breast lift, to increase the fullness of your breasts with implants. You may want to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon. After talking with you and evaluating your natural breasts, a plastic surgeon can give you the best recommendation about how to achieve you desired look.

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31yr old mother of 3. Extreme ptosis, no volume at all, Any suggestions? = breast lift with implants #breastlift #breastimplants

Patients with very ptotic breast (saggy breast) that lack of volume may rejuvenate their breast with a beast augmentation and lift.

The breast augmentation component will restore the volume of the breast. The lift component will remove the excess of skin and will bring the nipple and areola complex to the center of the breast mount, thus giving a very attractive youthful look to the breasts (see link).

Patients interested in a breast lift with implants should make a consolation with a board certified plastic surgeon specialized in breast surgery. 

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Post pregnancies mastopexy, breast augmentation

Hi. You have 2 problems - one is volume loss and the other is sag / droop. The former can be addressed by adding a silicone implant, and the latter by lifting the nipple complex and reshaping the breast - a mastopexy. These can be combined in to a single surgery - a single stage augmentation mastopexy. Sometimes we are able to use the lower pole tissue to augment the breast without resorting to an implant (auto-augmentation) but I suspect that you have too little volume for this, so that an implant would be needed to get a decent result.

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Deflated after kids

I agree with the answers given.  Once the nipple has fallen below the crease under the breast a lift is recommended.  Unevenness can be corrected but realize than none of us is perfectly symmetrically.  A lift would leave scars that are permanent but the goal of a good shape and more fullness would not be possible without one.  The addition of a breast implant would increase your volume and add some firmness to the breasts.

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Breast lift with augmentation

A breast lift would give a more youthful shape to the breast and address the excess skin you have. A breast augmentation would address the volume loss. You would get the best result with a breast lift and augmentation. Please seek an in person consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon in your area. Good luck.

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31yr old mother of 3. Extreme ptosis, no volume at all, a lot of redundant skin. Any suggestions?

Thank you for your question and photos. Your best option will be a combination breast lift and implants. For more information please read the link below:

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