What would be the best treatment for dark circles around my eyes, bags under my eyes and a left saggy eye lid? (Photos)

I have always had like yellowish dark circles around my eyes , bags under my eyes , and I have a saggy left eye lid. I'm 27 but people say I look a lot older which I don't really like, so what treatments would be best for me to help my skin look younger? I also included a picture with my makeup so you can see they still show under my eyes. Thanks

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What to do for dark circles under the eyes?

Thank you for sharing your problems. In judging your photos, it appears that injection of Restylane and laser skin resurfacing would significantly improve the darkness of your lower eyelids. See an expert in this area and these procedures.  Good luck,

Dark circles under eyes

Thank you for your question. With reference to the upper eyelids it appears that one of your eyes has ptosis. This can easily be repaired in the office under local anesthesia. With regards to the lower eyelids you have extreme hollowing underneath the eyelets. This is what leads to a darker shadow and a hollowing that seems to age your lower eyelids. Please seek the advice of a double board-certified facial plastic and reconstructive surgery

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Lower Lids and Ptosis

Hi sissylynn1989, Thanks for your photos and questions. Based on your picture, I can appreciate that you have ptosis (droopiness) of your left upper lid and some circles under your eyes. The ptosis can only be repaired surgically. The circles under your eyes may respond nicely to hyaluronic acid filler. I would schedule an appointment with a skilled oculoplastic surgeon in your area for a complete evaluation and discussion of your options. Thanks and good luck!

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