I had under eye lift after first plastic surgery; Dr said wasn't needed, I felt otherwise and the second Dr did do it? (Photos)

I had under eye lift 8 days ago and the first day my stitch on my inner left eye came out so I just stopped bleed with pressure. Now my left eye is larger , I'm still bruised and a little swelling but my concern is will it stay that way , it's not the same shape as before or as my right eye but Should I worry? I now also have wrinkles under my eyes to where before surgery I didn't , I feel I look older and now hollow in eyes r more apparent , I'm freaking out

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It is a little too early to know the effect of the surgery.

At 8 days, you are very early from whatever surgery was performed.  It does appear that you have a infracillary skin incision in the lower eyelids.  I agree that I would not have recommend that surgery but that does not mean that no surgery was performed.  Please consider posting picture of your before appearance and the afters at about 8 weeks after surgery.

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Eyelid asymmetry following lower blepharoplasty

The photographs are insufficient to adequately assess the problem. However time following surgery is short and I would suggest you give it at least three weeks, preferably six to totally heal before worrying. Meanwhile massage toward the incision line is  frequently helpful in speeding the resolution.

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