When my dentist took my temporary crown off my eye tooth to put on my permanent crown, she broke my tooth. Will the cement hold?

She broke my tooth right down to the gum line. She took the broken piece and cemented it back to my tooth at the gum line, then she cemented the crown over the cemented-back-together tooth. Do you think this will hold together or will it be too weak to last?

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Broken tooth under cemented crown

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I would say that cementing either tooth or filling back on after it fractures off is not standard operating procedure.  If this was indeed done then the crown will fail prematurely.  

If if only a very small and non-consequential piece of the tooth chipped off then it is usually okay to go ahead and cement the new crown.  However, the crown would need to be very stable on the prepared tooth with no rocking and there still must be a good height to the tooth for support of the crown. 

If in in fact the tooth did break down to the gum line the long term prognosis is diminished as there is less tooth structure to actually support the crown.  Not only that but the only way I know of to have enough strength for support of a crown would be by performing a palliative root canal and placing a post and buildup.  

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