NHS or Private Treatment?

I am in a position to get my crossbite fixed and unerupted tooth extracted along with straghtened teeth for £3000 via orthodontic work, (just need to sign now). Or get free NHS treatment where the tooth may not be extracted but rather space will be created for the enerupted tooth (which is lying horizontally), along with braces, but I dont know if the braces provided will just be to create the gap, or to fix my crossbite and straighten teeth as well. Am I better off with the private treatment?

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NHS or private treatment

Not enough information.   We need to know which tooth is impacted,  Which plan is actually going to save the impacted tooth and which is not,  Where is crossbite.  It would help to have some photos and you need to talk to both providers in more detail about exactly what they plan to do.  If they won't give you a lot more detail they probably aren't the right provider

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