I need three crowns on teeth 8, 9, &10. How important is tooth #7's crown? The tooth is healthy. Will a crown ruin it?

after a fall, 6 teeth were splinted to hold 3. Tooth 9 &10 had root canals within less than 48 hrs. Tooth #8 is badly chipped and now has filling/bonding. Per xrays, teeth are stable and healing appropriately. My dentist suggests getting a crown tooth #7 too so it looks better cosmetically. How much of a difference will it make to get the 4th crown. I was told if it's not done with other three, then it probably won't match if done in the future.

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Three crown vs four front crowns

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Depending on the color of your existing teeth, you can do either three or four crowns.  Normally doing all four at the same time will result in better cosmetic results.  I would like to see a photo of your smile in order to give you better advice.


Dr. Maddahi

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