Post Breast Reconstruction: Will my Fibromas Make My Right Breast Larger or is it Just Swelling?

I have NF1 and my right breast has fibromas and was much smaller then my left breast. I got breast surgery, My left 225 CC. My right breast 275 CC for them to be the same size and it was reconstructed. i understand they will be much harder, higher up, and swollen initially since its only been 10 days, but my breast with the fibromas is MUCH larger, is it more swollen because of the fibromas? or is it always going to be larger? Its also more sore to massage then my other breast, is that unusual?

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Ten days post surgery

Being that you are only ten days post-surgery and unless you suspect a hematoma, swelling can be asymmetric.  Give them time to settle down before being overly concerned that one looks larger.

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Fibromas can make your breast larger

Fibromas are benign breast masses that can enlarge significantly with your menstrual period.   They usually will go down after your period is over.

Your breasts can also enlarge when you are on birth control pills or taking phyto-estrogen such as those found in soy beans or products made from soy bean.  Your breast will remain enlarged will exposed to these estrogen sources.

Importantly, if you have a breast mass or masses in your breast, the mass  should be thoroughly investigated and appropriate follow-up and treatment plan developed without fail.


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Neurofibromatosis ! is an inherted diseases that affects the nerves and causes abnormal tumor growth of the nerves. These tumors increase in size, can be paiful. The disease can also be associated with skin and bone changes.

As theses tumers can grow and cause symptoms, Personaly will avoid any surgery that can affect the neurofibromatosis.

Painfull growing tumers of the nerves can be excised when possible. In certain locations they can  not.

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