Next Option After Several Treatments of Fraxel Restore and Deep FX?

I've undergone Fraxel Restore 8 times and Deep FX twice. The results are not obvious. I am Asian.

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Fraxel Restore and Acitve FX on Asian Skin

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There are different indications for different cosmetic treatments. The lasers you mentioned can improve fine textural change and may help with uneven discoloration, but your skin may be more prone to irregular darkening from the healing of the procedure. As more aggressive laser resurfacing such as Fraxel Repair, medium-depth chemical peels or other resurfacing procedures are contemplated, the risk of long term irregular pigmentation, and even scarring, increases. Tightening of the skin may be accomplished to a slight degree, not to provide the same result as a face lift, by the Thermage radiofrequency treatment which may be used on skin of color. Your physician should examine your skin and determine along with the features of your skin that you want improved, determine a treatment plan.

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Fraxel repair as an option after Fraxel restore and Deep FX

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Hi Jenny,

Please let us know what your goals of treatment are, what you are treating, and what settings you were treated with.  Have you had any PIH? 

Dr. P

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