How to get rid of scar and reconnect nose? (photo)

Ihave accident in which nose is cuted from left and i have scar and nose is also disconnected.scar is 6 year old and nose bone also broken

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Old Nasal Injury

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This is a challenging case. This is a reconstructive case, not a cosmetic one. Different techniques will be used. It is almost impossible to make any suggestions without a consultation. That's where you should start. Good luck.

How to get rid of scar and reconnect nose?

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In order to address this issue- you will need a physical exam and any medical records available that have dealt with your nose- including any X-rays, op-reports. Generally speaking - it should be able to be improved in the right hands. Scar are permanent. They can not be removed. However, they can in many cases be markedly improved.

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